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HOG Ride 2020 – Tata Lake House

Date: 12th Jan 2020
Venue: Tata Lake House
What a start to the new year. My First ride of the year with full family :). Yes, Full Family!!! Meghna and I were on Bike and the kids in the car.

Thanks to Sandeep Bharadwaj Sir for arranging this memorable Sunday morning ride which was not just like any other breakfast ride. It has riding, birding and good time with family and friends.

This is the second time I have been to this place. The first time last year in march 2019 was more riding and birding for me. (

We started around 6:45 am from SI showroom. The weather was cool. We took a stop at Lonavala. We reached at Tata Lake house around 9:30.

Some pictures of friends and Birds taken during the ride are below:

Road and Ride Photos
Bird Photos

To download your pictures please go to Flickr album

Riding Together is more fun


Ride Photos

Bird Photos

  1. Indian Spot-billed Duck
  2. Ruddy Shellduck (aka Brahminy duck)
  3. Painted Stork
  4. Grey Heron
  5. Black Kite
  6. Black Drongo
  7. Asian Paradise Flycatcher (Could not click photo)

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    Awesome Brother… Keep good work on

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